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Run, bike, hike, walk, or volunteer, we have something for everyone!

We encourage people of all skill levels to participate in trail racing events, to get outdoors,

and to enjoy the beautiful local trails in Southeast Minnesota. 


None of these events have cut-off times!
Run your speed and know that we'll be there to cheer you to the finish line.

Storm the Park

Come to Southeast Minnesota to "Storm the Park" and enjoy all that the trails at Whitewater State Park have to offer!! 


The 15k course that follows and crosses the Whitewater River and offers beautiful views of the river, meadows, and surrounding bluffs. Two loops of this amazing course will make up the 30k.


The 50k race will follow the same course with an additional 1.6k added to the 15k that will take participants all the way out to Coyote Point. This 16.6k loop will be completed 3 times for the 50k distance.


The 5k course will climb you up to Chimney Rock and Inspiration Point and then back down to the Whitewater River.

Storm the Farm Base Logo.png

Storm the Farm

Nestled in the heart of Cedar Valley is the race that started it all for The Storm Trail Race Series, Storm the Farm!

The 10k+ loop will take you up two epic bluff climbs, a scenic valley, and a crossing of Cedar Creek. This hidden gem is the most unique race in the series since it is held on private land and the route only exists for this race!

Multiple loops of this 10k+ course will get you to 21k, 30k, and 43k distance.

Our 5k course will challenge you with one of the epic bluff climbs and plenty of fast double and single track valleys.

Storm the Day

Sunrise to Sunset

This event is made for EVERYONE!!!

The course is a 2.57 mile loop that is 50% gravel and pavement and 50% trail.

This is the flattest course of the race series! No big hills to climb at this event!! 

You can do one loop or 50 loops….it is all up to YOU!!  The clock begins at sunrise and you will have until sunset to complete the looped course as many times as you can. Tired after the 3rd loop….take a rest! Want to stop and eat lunch after your 10th loop…..go for it!! It is all up to you!!

If you choose to participate as a team, you and your teammates can decide who does how many loops and in what order. Put your feet up while your teammate takes their turn on the course! Half of you want to walk and the others want to run….perfect! This is the event where that is not only allowed….but encouraged! You do what you want and at what pace! Teams will have a limit of 5 members.

Set a goal for the day and enjoy the journey of attaining that goal!! Your friends and family are welcome at the event to help cheer you on to that matter what it is! 

Storm the Day  Base Logo.png

Storm the Bluffs

Explore the Plowline trails of the Bronk Forest Management Unit in Minnesota City, MN.


On the 15k course, you will get to experience the steep climbs and wooded trails that wind through the bluff. A fast finish of nearly a mile downhill on a gravel road will get your heart racing!


Mountain bikers will follow most of the same 15k course and ride some fast-rolling single and double track. A tough heart-racing climb in the first half-mile of the race gets you started and a mile of exhilarating descent takes you to the finish!


You can get the best of both worlds if you join in on the duathlon!

Our 5k course will challenge you with an "up and over" the bluff out and back.

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